The Power Of Being In The Now – Summertime Moments

Summer’s coming! Time for sunshine, outdoor living, enjoying the blossoming nature and the flavors of delicious foods…

I feel that this period is perfect for experimenting with the taste of NOW. This way you can investigate whether an attitude of living that allows you to spend more time with yourself increases your well-being.

About ten years ago, Eckhart Tolle proclaimed in his worldwide bestseller ‘The Power of Now’, that we can only live in the now. I agree with him, because I’ve experienced my life became more effortless and naturally while doing that.

Now you plant the seed for the future. So when you have happy and positive feelings in the now, that’s what you sow for tomorrow!




We create a more fun adventure if we focus on feeling good in the ‘now’. Also, our goals become less important and living in the ‘now’ becomes easier.

Is it easy? Yes and no. Sometimes it just happens… Only often it doesn’t, and the things below can help us to calm our monkey minds.

I am happy to list a number of possibilities for you to practice with the power of being in the now. Feel free to explore the impact of these summer moments on your happiness in life!


Experience Life As A Journey

Given that international travel is currently not possible due to Covid-19, you can make a habit of considering every single trip – from a walk in your own neighborhood to grocery shopping – as a mini-journey.
As we are forced to slow down and change our lifestyles around the world, we are all presented with the life lesson of living more in the now…

See if you can start wandering around with attention. What do you see at the park, on the road, etc…?
Look as if you were never there. Enjoy the wonderful places…



Then maybe bring your attention more specifically to people. See if you can look up mini-moments of connection. Of harmony maybe. Happiness. Cheerfulness. Playfulness…

Which people lend themselves to it? What do they look like? What qualities do you see? What facial features? How do they move? How do they make contact? With you and with others.
How does that make you feel?

Can you get curious about how such a moment feels to you? Can you enjoy it for a moment before continuing? Maybe it could be on the beach, at the bakery, in the woods…


Observe What Surrounds You

Look for a piece of nature, preferably a piece you’re drawn to. It can be during a stop, on the way south, in your holiday village, by the sea, in the mountains, but also in your immediate surroundings, at home.

observeLook as if it is the very first time that nature is presented to you. Focus your attention on atmosphere: shapes, colors, smells, movement, slowness, speed, change… Enjoy the image that comes on your retina. Don’t mention anything. Come back to the image, to look, to see.

Maybe you can also look inside while doing this exercise. What do you feel in the region where your heart is, in your belly maybe, in your face? Stay there for a moment. Fifteen seconds will do.


Mindful Drinking

A night without alcohol is one thing. But you could also intensely enjoy that one nice glass, without immediately ordering a second, third and fourth! 😉

Ellie Burrows and Lodro Rinzler are the founders of MNFDL, the first meditation bar in New York. Among other mindfulness workshops, you can follow one about ‘mindful drinking’.
Students are given the time to smell, sip and taste their cocktails extensively, with the aim of reflecting on the physical and psychological aspects of drinking.

Mindful-DrinkingThe good news is, you can also try this at home!

Start with watching and observing. What do you see?
How is it affecting you?

Then smell… What do you smell? Where in your nose exactly? What does it do to you?

Carefully bring the glass of your drink towards your mouth. Feel the weight, the (in)stability, the shape…

Now, take a sip… What’s going on? In your mouth? In your nose? In your body?

When you’re familiar with an 8 weeks Mindfulness-training, this will remind you of the instructions for the raisin exercise in the first session.



Mindful Walking or Jogging

Do you ever jog? What are you jogging for? Your mileage? Your time? Condition improvement? They’re all possibilities. There’s one more: attention and gentleness.

Maybe one day you can choose a mindful run. Leave your ears and your smartphone at home.
Start by consciously choosing your place.
Where would you like to go for a jog or a walk? Through the city, in the woods, the park, along the beach, … Think about your health, practice self-care. Which place could make a contribution and is feasible?


Let go of every goal, every ambition.
Bring your attention in your body when walking.
Feel your body from inside out. Feel your muscles moving, your limbs, your torso…

What exactly do you feel? Heat, tingling, hardness, softness, something flowing, that’s right. Can you be sincere and respectfully curious about it?

You can alternate it by, for example, occasionally paying attention to sounds, to seeing, to feeling, to smelling. Use as many senses as possible during your run. Stop for a moment if necessary, one minute will do. Look at a flower, a bird, the sky. Feel the grass, the sand, the wind on your face, the sun maybe.

Remember the beginner’s spirit, the spirit of someone who’s never experienced this before. What do you feel in the region of your belly, your heart, your throat? Can you stay with it for a while?


Keep It Simple

How do you connect with the power of being in the now?
Try to make time every day for things that make you feel comfortable. This way you make sure your energy vibe is high and that you choose a path that feels good.

This makes it easier to let go of the attachment to your goal. You don’t have to reach your goal before you are happy and feel good, because you already feel good. By focusing on our passion, feeling good, listening to our feelings and every day in life NOW, we ensure that we are in a state of allowing.

As a result, our ultimate life goal, our desired creation, can come to us much easier. Try to live in the now by making choices every day that feel good for you and find something to enjoy every day.

Wishing you lots of luck and joy!

With love ❤,



  1. Catherine,

    This is a timely post. People need to be reminded about the importance of being in the now.

    Many people who live with the past, they do not realize that all the actions and behavior are the past, say regret, sadness, despair, and so on. There are also those whose lives are too concerned about the future, all they live with full of greed, anything that prevents their dreams are considered enemies, competitive but not creative and ultimately stressful. They forget that we live in the present.
    I mean, there is nothing wrong looking back to our past if it is to learn from our mistakes. Then that’s good. How about thinking about the future? It can be a way for us to make plans. I think it is okay.
    So, it is back to the person. Certainly, we need to remember everything we do in the present will affect our future too and people would still talk about it even if it is already in the past. The key is, be wise.

    Thanks again for this encouraging post, Catherine.
    Love it!

  2. I love that you have written about the ‘now’. I agree it’s all we really have. Being present changed my life dramatically. It eliminates the pain of the past and worry about the future and life is much more joyful and there is just a flow and ease.

  3. I can really relate to this. am trying to build an online business and I procrastinate so much some days. Plus it takes all day to get anything done. This has helped remind me to stay focussed and concentrate on what I am doing. I already feel a more productive afternoon ahead!

    Quick question for you – what do you suggest I do when I feel distracted from my work?

    1. Thank you! That’s a really good question.

      Maybe it helps trying out a daily morning meditation routine?
      I aim to do this as one of the first things after waking up and must say may day begins more relaxed and in flow.
      My monkey mind is more quiet 🙂
      I also set an intention for that day and this helps me with staying focused.

      When I get distracted from work, I take a few minutes to sit down and stay present with my breath (deep in- and exhale).
      I’ve noticed it’s much easier to get things done afterwards. Try it out and let me know how it was like for you!

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