Spiritual Lessons In Life – What Deepak Chopra Can Teach Us

A while ago I took part in the 21 days of abundance meditation challenge. For me, this was my first real introduction to Deepak Chopra and his spiritual thinking.

I wanted to delve more deeply into this and came to his habit of living daily from certain intentions.

According to Deepak Chopra, the secret of a rich and full life lies hidden in these four spiritual intentions.

Whoever pursues these valuable goals in everything will eventually find happiness and love, according to the world-famous Indian guru.


1. A Joyful, Energetic Body

Deepak Chopra tries to work towards an energetic, fit body in everything he does.

In his case that means that he does yoga fanatically, eats strictly vegetarian and takes ten thousand steps a day.

He also avoids toxicity. So he pays attention to whatever he engages with: not only food, also people, jobs or environments can be poisonous and make people sick.


2. A Loving Heart Full Of Compassion

Living out of love is the most beautiful thing there is, but how do you do that?

Deepak advises to keep these four A’s in mind in everything you do:

Attention – Be a listening ear.

Acceptance – Do not try to change people and only give advice if someone asks for it.

Appreciation – Be attentive to the good in your fellow man

Affection – Caring for the people around you

Those who do this, spread love and joy to the surrounding people, but also to themselves.


3. A Calm, Alert Mind

As a third intention Deepak strives for a calm, alert mind that is able to reflect.

“And by this I do not necessarily mean a positive mind,” he emphasizes. It can be very exhausting to always be positive. Very positive people often have a fairly busy mind, which can also be stressful.

You have to try to find the silence in yourself. That enables you to reflect on your own behavior and just then the blockages that stand in the way of intuition, creativity and fantasy disappear.

Then you get into a flow, so that the right thoughts will come at the right moments, without expectations beforehand or regrets afterwards.


4. Embrace The Lightness Of Existence

This means living without a weather city, without expectations, without regrets, but just being in the moment.

This the highest achievable thing in life. Those who embrace the lightness of existence rise above themselves and can surrender to the mystery of life.


How To Find Happiness And Joy

A person is only truly successful if he (or she) continues to strive for these four valuable goals.

The goal is to attract and spread happiness and joy, to find love and compassion within yourself and to discover who you are at your core.

According to Deepak, there are few people who can really answer the question “Who are you?”.

“Most people will tell you their name, but that’s just a social construction, something that others have come up with. It’s not who you are at your core,” says Deepak.

If you are looking for more, he advises living according to these four intentions. Look for yourself on a deeper level, because only then can you truly live a rich and fulfilled life.

Of course there’s many more to find out! In one of my following posts I will write more about Deepak’s seven spiritual laws for success.

I’m curious to hear more about your spiritual path! What are the lessons you have learned so far?

With love  ❤,



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