Smiling Mind Meditation App Review – Aussie Style

Today I would like to bring you a review about a meditation app I recently discovered.

Let me introduce you to Australia’s top free meditation app, created by psychologists and educators: Smiling Mind. It has more than 5 million enthusiastic users and offers meditation programs for all ages.

On top of that, they have an evidence based, award-winning school program to include mindfulness in the classroom.


Get To Know It

This unique meditation app comes from Australia and is made for the whole family.

It offers exercises for adults and growing children, and special programs for work, school, or just at home. This is truly unique, because not that many apps make meditations so easy that even children can benefit from them.

On the website you’ll find more information and blogs on meditation and mindfulness. There’s also this video that explains mindfulness in a nut shell.

Start with downloading the Smiling Mind app for free, from the Google Play – or Apple Store.

After opening the app, you’ll have to create a personal account (connected to your Google – Facebook).

Then, you’ll get the following questions so the app can recommend programs to you.

– What’s your experience with meditation? (from beginner to advanced meditator)

– How old are you? (different age groups)

– What brings you to Smiling Mind? (better sleep, well-being, better focus/attention, etc…)

– How have you been lately? (smileys to indicate your emotions)

– What are you interested in? (different programs)

Next, you’ll get an overview of your programs, sessions and favorites.

The tab My programs is divided in to different categories like ‘Adults’, ‘Kids & Youth’, ‘Families’, ‘Classroom’, ‘At Work’, ‘Healthcare Workers – NEW’, ‘Other Languages’ and ‘Research Projects’.



If you choose ‘Adults‘ for example, you’ll get a wide range of programs like ‘An Intro to Mindfulness’, ‘Mindfulness Foundations’, ‘Sleep’ and many more. Each program exists out of modules and sessions. You can see how long a lesson takes and it’s also possible to download it (the amount of storage space is listed for each file).

There is also a new program ‘Thrive Inside‘ with 10 sessions. This is created to help you stay psychologically healthy while spending extended times at your home now. For Healthcare Workers there’s also a new program that supports them to manage stress, improve focus and performance, and cultivate connection and resilience during times of high pressure (like now with Covid-19). All the other programs are constructed according to this similar structure.



The Dashboard tab will keep track of your sessions, meditation minutes and streak (days). You can also process your emotions and awareness state (I.e. emoticons you’ve chosen to indicate how you’re feeling).

With the Favourites tab you can collect your favourite sessions. You can add them by opening a program or toggling the favourite button in the sessions tab.



What I Like About This App

This app is meant for all ages: both young and old can profit from these meditations and mindfulness exercises.

The Smiling Mind’s app is free because it’s a non-profit organization that wants to help get more mindfulness and less stress into the world. I really like their vision and passion to bring more (inner) peace allover the world.

There are NO further purchases in the app, which I find rare these days!

The app has a nice design and is built up logically. You can easily navigate your way from one menu to another.

I really like the fact they made new content that’s relevant in Covid-19 times: Thrive Inside and Healthcare Workers Programs, but you can also download free Kids Care Packs here.


Some Minor Concerns

All meditations are in English. If you speak another language this can be difficult, especially for your kids to understand the language.

I personally think their logo – red square with white cloud – is not very original and is quite reminiscent of that of MyLife. Maybe different colours would make it more unique and stand-alone??


Final Rating

I’m a huge fan of this app!

Top that everything is really offered for free! No sales tricks or subscriptions you’re stuck with.

The app offers very rich content for all ages. The material is of good quality and will help you to give mindfulness a permanent place in your daily life.

Definitely worth 5 stars!

How do you find this app? Is it a new discovery or have you already used it?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

With love ❤,


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