Reasons To Keep A Diary – Make It Fun!

Perhaps you kept a diary as a child and liked to have a private place where you could write uncensored. Because that little lock with which you could shield the contents of your diary from curious noses was of vital importance!

The lucky ones among us may still have their secret book and can enjoy nostalgic memories from their childhood.

Did you know that a diary is also a grateful medium for adults? Keeping a diary is the way to record pleasant moments and everyday worries. Regular writing about your experiences, worries, dreams and thoughts gives you more than just a collection of memories you can browse through at a later time.

It is also a very effective way to take care of your mental health. Keeping a diary could even reduce anxiety and depression. Not so strange that many psychologists swear by it.

So, what can writing for and about yourself actually do for you? Let’s have a look at the many reasons to keep a diary.


1. Sleep better at night

A golden tip, especially for the brooders among us.
Before you finally cut out that nightlight, you can ‘write everything off’. No perfect sentences or a detailed report of that day, but just a random list of everything that still haunts your head.

Maybe you have a to-do-list ready or you would like to prepare for the next day. Write this down, so you will be able to let go and have a good sleep.

A lot happens in just one day. Pour your heart out, it can be so relieving. To consciously add this step to your evening ritual, we recommend putting a notebook and pen next to your bed.

Write down something that went very well today, and something you would like to do differently next time.


2. Reduce your stress level

Even if you just write down a few keywords, for example every night before you go to sleep, keeping a diary can reduce stress.

By writing down what’s haunting your head, you can let go of it more easily and worry less.

Let’s do this: Write down the goal you want to work for in the coming period and the way you want to do it.




3. Create a little moment of rest

We are ‘on’ with our mobile phones all day long and are constantly receiving information.

Writing in your diary by hand can be seen as a daily meditation moment. You have to take your time, and that causes a moment of delay.

Put your phone on hold, make a cup of coffee and really sit down for it. Moments like this are scarce and can do you tremendously well.

Turn into action: Start writing down all the information that is in your head. Really follow the flow of the thoughts and feelings that come up. Remember that the result is not important, so let go of any expectations about that.


4. Practice gratitude

By writing down what makes you happy, you increase the feeling of satisfaction about what you already have.

That immediately – but especially in the longer term – makes you a lot happier than when you always focus on what you can do better, more beautiful or more.

Try it out yourself: Write down five things you’re thankful for today.





5. Gain more self-insight

By writing regularly about your emotional life, your thoughts and what you have done that day, you will gradually recognize patterns our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When do you feel stressed? Which activities make you happiest? Keeping a diary also brings self-reflection.

Because you listen better to all those thoughts, you can see more clearly what is important to you. This allows you to better judge where things sometimes go wrong, or discover what you really want.

If you write about your life every day, you can express and explain events, ideas and thoughts better and better.

Fun to do: At the beginning of each day, week or month, put an intention and reflect it in your diary.


6. Keep track of your dreams

If you regularly dream and remember them, it is useful to write them down in a dream diary. Because there is often a line in it and this often can be traced back to a cause.

In fact, you can train your brain to remember your dream. Learn working together with your subconscious and how to ‘steer’ your dreams.

Something to do at home: Keep a record of your dreams. Write down immediately after waking up.




7. Boost your creativity

Keeping a diary is also good for your imagination and creativity.

Suddenly there is plenty of room for new ideas in your head. Your writing skills will also enhance, so you become a better writer.

You can design a diary any way you want. Write in it, but also paste it full with beautiful pictures, get to work with a brush and some paint, write poems or save memories by pasting in receipts and cards from that day or week.

It’s your book so you can do whatever you want with it. Get inspired.

Give it a try: Write down a nice quote or poem and write down what it means to you.


Make it fun!

Now that you’re convinced of the many reasons to keep a diary, there’s only one thing left to do.
Start yourself and make it fun!

There are many options to choose from to keep a diary.
You can go for a blank notebook where you get to shape everything to your liking. Think of a real ‘Bullet Journal‘.

Do you need more structure and some guidance?
Maybe a diary where questions are printed would be nice! For example, there are the ‘Gratitude diaries’.

You can also have very beautifully illustrated journals, with targeted questions that help you with self-reflection and personal development on a daily basis. I will write a next post about these ‘collector items’, to give your more inspiration.

It doesn’t matter what kind of journal you choose. Feel what’s right for you and what makes you feel good about yourself, that is also part of the self-reflection process. 😉

You’ll be amazed at the unlimited possibilities!

I’m really curious about your diary and how you use it. Please give me more insight about that through the comment section below.

With love ❤,


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