Qi Energy Meditation For Vital & Spiritual Energy

Are you familiar with Qi Energy Meditation? Ever heard of the word Qi?

Let me immerse you into the world of Qi – Chi or Ki.


What Is Qi?

Eastern tradition describes the world in terms of energy. All things are regarded as expressions of the universal life force or life energy. In Japanese, it is called ‘Ki’, in Chinese it is called ‘Qi’.

Qi is the primary raw material and the driving force of life. It is usually described as energy, but Qi also means breath in Japanese and Chinese.

In oriental medicine, Ki is considered to be balance in the human body as an essential condition for health. Eastern medicine therefore focuses entirely on this.

Ki flows through the body as a system of rivers and canals. Certain events can disrupt the smooth flow of Ki. This causes blockages or dams in some areas and weaknesses or stagnant pools in others. These blockages or weaknesses can in turn lead to physical symptoms, psychological or emotional complaints, or simply to the feeling that something is not right.

We are all holistic beings and all have Qi within us. It is very important that we have an active Qi flow. People with stress, lack of energy, gloominess and burn-out, are going to have a bad Qi flow.

On the other hand, a healthy Qi flow gives access to an unburdened inner strength. You get more energy and at the same time inner peace. By letting your Qi flow outside, you stimulate an optimal contact with the universe and dissolve blockages in your body.

When activating your Qi flow, abdominal breathing is of great importance. If your Qi flows optimally, you will experience joy of life and inner strength again.


Qi Flow


How Can You Optimally Activate Your Qi?

There are different ways you can activate you Qi:

– By energetic Qi massage (total relaxation into the cells)

– By applying breathing techniques (abdominal breathing -kundalini breathing)

– By Qi-Gong (activating Qi + cleansing the organs and transforming into positive energy )

– By Qi meditation (inner peace and coming back into your strength)

With the combination of all this, you can balance your body and mind and become one with the universe.


Benefits of Qi Meditation

Qi meditation concentrates on the ki-energy that circulates through the body.
Every person has this circulation of energy and anyone can influence this through Qi meditation. By applying Qi meditation properly on a regular basis, not only can you become more relaxed, you also get more control over your body.

You feel more connected to the internal functioning of your body and you can even influence autonomous body systems. For example, with a lot of training it is possible to keep the cold out of your body so that you can survive in extreme cold.

It is also possible to overcome physical complaints, such as persistent complaints of your back or legs. These are places where ki points come together.

It brings your body and mind back into balance, so that you’ll live more consciously in the here and now.
Stress and tension disappear: you’ll relax completely.

Qi meditation helps you to let go of what doesn’t fit you anymore. You will go happier through life, while finding more inner peace.



How does Qi meditation work?

Qi meditation works by starting from the principles of ki-energy. The energy that flows through your body and comes together at certain points in your body. These gathering points are very important because a lot of energy has to pass through them to get to all places of your body. If these points skid closed, or become more congested, your body becomes unbalanced. This can cause both physical and mental complaints.

With Qi meditation you concentrate on the flow of this circulating energy. Both through the nodes and the rest of your body.

Through correct breathing you can become aware of the flow of this energy during meditation. After much practice you can not only feel the nodes, you can also influence them.

Someone who is trained in Qi meditation can even open hidden ki points. This will reduce your complaints.


The Correct Posture For Qi Meditation

Before you start Qi meditation it is important that you first find a quiet place.

In this place you should not only be able to come to rest, also you should not be bothered by people or other sources around you while meditating.

Then sit on a blanket, mat or pillow in a lotus or tailoring position. Place your hands in a meditating position, this can be both apart and in each other.

Then calm yourself and focus your attention on your breathing. From your breathing you feel the energy running through your body and you can influence the nodes.




Four Basic Principles

1. Focus your attention on your Qi point

Your Qi is like a ‘body part’. Your Qi point is three flat fingers under your navel. You feel the Qi point when you put a finger on it and cough. The Qi-point then expands as it were. Put your breath and body weight on this point. Breathe in and out through the Qi-point. This is how you let the Qi-energy flow.

2. Relax completely

Start by accepting the surrounding situation, no matter how busy it is. As long as this doesn’t work out, your Qi-energy can’t flow through properly. A good exercise is to think that you are frozen like a block of ice melting. At the same time you let all the tension melt with the ice.

3. Keep your weight at the bottom

Do you recognize that you’re working with your shoulders raised and you’re totally stressed? Then you’re actually fighting gravity all the time. That takes a lot of energy. Your weight actually belongs at the bottom. This little exercise helps: feel the contact between the seat and your buttocks when you’re sitting down, or when you’re lying on the bed that you’re consciously sinking into the mattress. Another good exercise is to bend your knees a little and stand on your toes. Then let yourself fall back down quietly. Now your weight is placed more down.

4. Let Qi flow out

With this exercise you replace your old Qi-energy with fresh new Qi-energy. Stretch your arm diagonally forward and pretend a hard stream of water is rushing through it. You feel the Qi-energy flowing and your arm is unbendable. Give it a try.


Become One With The Universe

So now it’s up to you. Start trying out Qi Meditation!

Just give it a chance and discover the many benefits for yourself 😉

You can get in touch or let me know more about your experiences in the comment section below.


With love ❤,



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  1. This post on qi energy meditation is highly beneficial for me. I have been meditating for couple of years but the qi energy meditation will take the benefits of meditation to the next level. I have learnt something new and highly useful from your website.

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