Monkey Mind Book Review – ‘Monkey Mind And The Mountain’ By Cheryl Rezek

Book title: ‘Monkey Mind and The Mountain: Mindfulness for 8-80 year olds (and older)’
Author: Cheryl Rezek
ISBN number: 978-0956602039
Release Date: 01/06/2016
Publisher: Leachcroft Ltd

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What’s This Book About

In this book you’ll get a straightforward and engaging introduction to mindfulness. Originally, it was written for children, but it’s also useful for adults. It can be read by children themselves or with help from their parents or caregivers.

The author, a trained clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, writes about our inherent ability to be mindful. She explains how to use this in a way that can help to enjoy our life and also deal with its more difficult aspects. For children this means: pressure at school, bullying or experiencing a lack of trust or self-confidence.

“Mindfulness is all about learning to pay attention to the present moment, so that we can make the most of life”. The alternation between theoretical introduction and practical exercises is one of the strongest point of the book, besides the simple language aimed to help the reader without creating additional intellectual challenges.

In the language of the book, it is referred to as to separate from the Monkey Mind.
This is defined as the temptation “to jump all and down, swinging from branch to branch and not sitting still for too long”. We may like this adventure for a while, but sometimes it is too late when we realize how much such a lifestyle can be wearing out our spirit and body.

The book teaches children to accept the things that occur to them and to express feelings of gratitude. In this way they develop a stronger belief in themselves and cultivate their inner strength as a compass to life.



Overall Rating

Children love to work through this book with their parents, teachers or caregivers. In a funny, playful way they learn to develop mindfulness as a major skill in life.

I really enjoyed this book myself. You can tell the author knows her subject very well. If you want to find out more about her, go visit her website. You can also order the book there and support a good cause: a percentage of profits goes to Home for Good. This s a charity that works to find a home for vulnerable children in the UK, including asylum seeking children, and supports families who foster and adopt.

I would like to reward this book with 4 stars:



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