Mindfulness Movies – My Personal Top 5

In my personal search for more balance and peace in my life, meditation and mindfulness already brought me a lot.

The experience itself with exercises through guided audio files and inspiration I get from books are my most important sources. I also was wondering what films are built around the theme of mindfulness.

And so I came to this top 5 of mindfulness movies, which I’d like to share with you.


1. ‘Walk With Me’ – Marc J. Francis & Max Pugh (2017)

Walk With Me is a wonderful cinematographic journey into the world of mindfulness, in which the world-famous Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh is the central figure.

He is originally from Vietnam and has brought mindfulness to the West. As a spiritual leader he now lives in Plum Village, a community in rustic southern France, where, together with other Zen Buddhist monks and nuns, he has made mindfulness a worldwide phenomenon. Walk With Me offers unprecedented access to this community. For three years, the lives of the residents of Plum Village were followed and existential questions with which they are confronted are addressed in their search for acceptance. Enter a world of awareness. This wonderful documentary is told by the charismatic, Oscar-nominated actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

walk with me



2. ‘A Mindful Choice’ – Tony Simpson (2016)

Two modern Ishaya monks from New Zealand travel around the world to film people experiencing inner peace. They focus on prisoners and their guards in a Mexican prison. But also children in a shelter and ballerinas at the Cuban National Ballet Academy are covered. And many other people. True stories are told.

Two New Zealand monks who are very much in today’s life traveled around the world to speak to people who have very consciously chosen to change their lives, to improve their lives. Stress, fear and powerlessness have been banished from their lives. The way they achieve this is through Ascension meditation, a technique developed by Ishayas monks of The Bright Path. A wide variety of people are speaking, including a Cuban dance teacher, a British woman with cancer and a Mexican prisoner. Their stories show that regardless of the circumstances in which you live, achieving inner peace is always possible.

A mindful choice


3. ‘My Year Of Living Mindfully’ – Shannon Jones & Julian Harvey (2020)


Nowadays, it seems like a miracle cure: we have to eat mindful, exercise, meditate, even raise our children mindful…

Is this all just a hype? Or can it really change your life?

Journalist Shannon Harvey -not herself a supporter- takes the test and decides to live mindful for one year. In the meantime, she documents her progress and allows herself to be guided by a multitude of doctors and psychologists.

This film gives a good insight in what mindfulness can add to one’s life.

my year of living mindfully



4. ‘The Mindfulness Movement’ – Robert Beemer (2020)

From Executive Producers Deepak Chopra and Jewel, comes ‘The Mindfulness Movement’ a feature documentary that profiles the growing number of people throughout society who believe mindfulness – a peaceful quality of attention anyone can develop by simply focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way – is the key to creating a healthier, happier world.

For them, mindfulness is the way for anyone to make more moments matter in their lives and to help create a more compassionate, caring, and ethical society. Featuring Deepak Chopra, Jewel, Dan Harris, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman, Sharon Salzberg, George Mumford, Tim Ryan, Bill George, Diana Winston, Richard Davidson and more!

This documentary is even an interactive experience, since viewers will have two chances to close their eyes and practice during brief guided meditations led by well-known mindfulness teachers.

Whether someone is just discovering mindfulness or has been practicing for years, they’re sure to learn something new and be inspired to share the benefits of mindfulness with others.

The Mindful Movement



5. ‘Innsaei: The Power Of Intuition’ – Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir & Kristín Ólafsdóttir (2016)

Famous thinkers and spiritualists discuss the Icelandic concept ‘innsæi’, which enables people to connect with each other through empathy and intuition. The makers of this documentary meet world-renowned scientists such as Marti Spiegelman, an expert in neuroscience and indigenous consciousness, who believes that we use only a fraction of our capacity as human beings, with devastating consequences for the planet.

Also artists like Marina Abramovic, who teaches that in order to create something new people have to dive into the unknown. Then there are spiritual leaders such as Malidoma Patrice Somé, a West African elder and author who gives a reason why intuition binds us together.




I hope you’ll enjoy watching one of the movies mentioned above. It will definitely help you to get in touch with the concept of mindfulness.

Feel free to leave a comment about your personal experience!

If you have a different top 5, I’m glad to hear about it 😉

With love ❤,



  1. Ivan

    I was genuinely surprised by this list. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of these movies, but INNSAEI: THE POWER OF INTUITION has drawn my attention and I’ll watch it as soon as I get a chance. Have you seen all these movies yourself? If so, which one is your favourite?

    I practice mindfulness whenever I can. In fact, mindfulness meditation has become a key part of my morning routine. It’s a great way to start your day on the right foot and prepare your mind for anything that might come to you during the day.

    In other words, very powerful practice indeed. Thanks again for sharing this list and I’m looking forward to your reply.

  2. This is a great list of mindful movies for those interested in mindfulness. I truly feel practicing mindfulness is one of the life necessities in today’s fast life.

    I have saved this post and going start watching them one by one as I am a big fan of mindful living.

    Can I ask if they are available on Amazon Prime?

  3. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for these recommendations! I’ve never heard of any of these movies, which kind of surprises me, especially if the first one is big enough to have Benedict Cumberbatch in it.

    I usually avoid emotional movies intentionally, and the second one sounds like it’d be super emotional. However, they also all seem like very inspirational stories, and perhaps it would be good for my emotional wellbeing to give these a try.

    Do you know if any of these films are on mainstream streaming platforms?


  4. Now that I am reading your article, I am wondering why I never thought of watching a movie about mindfulness. Like the journalist Shannon you mention in the 3rd film I have been a sceptic, until a decade ago. And then I started to meditate and eventually added more mindfulness to my several activities.

    In the evening I occasionally watch YouTube. And I have never thought of looking at the keyword mindfulness. Isn’t that strange? But now that I read your reviews, that’s what I am going to do tonight.

    Are these movies to be seen in the cinemas, or somewhere on the internet? I would love to see the 3rd one and the 5th one. They appeal to me most at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration!

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