How To Learn Yoga At Home – The Best Online Yoga Teachers

Many of you will recognize yourselves in the following scenario:

You have a busy life (a family, job, social circle etc) and would like to have time for relaxation and exercise. A subscription to the fitness seemed like a good idea, but actually you soon find out that it takes too much to get dressed in sports clothes and move to the sports club. The same story applies to swimming in the municipal swimming pool. Moving around and changing clothes takes time as well, and let that be such a precious commodity, right? Jogging seemed easy and cheap, but during the rainy days you’re not longer that eager. So what now?

Allow me to take you to my daily routine. I’ve been following yoga exercises every day for a while now.

But you’ll soon notice that there are a lot of yoga videos circulating; YouTube is filled with it. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, I’d like to give you my personal favorites.

Ready? Roll out that mat and get yourself comfortable…




1. Adriene Mishler

Adriene-MishlerMy absolute number one! I love her cheerfulness and optimism so much.

Adriene has a very pleasant voice to listen to and guides you smoothly through her Vinyasa yoga, often accompanied by her dog Benji.
Gotta love him!


Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and is currently the most common style of yoga. It’s also known as Flow yoga: you can best see it as the coordination of a flow of certain postures on the movement of the breath. I totally love this style! It has everything in it for me.

This flexible Texan lady has built an extensive online yoga community and has up to 7 million viewers on her YouTube channel. She offers a wide range of free yoga videos but you can also sign up for paid courses.

Every month she works out a new theme with exercises that fit it.

You can download a monthly calendar and subscribe to get daily emails with a link to the yoga video.

I highly recommend her free 30 days of yoga series! At the moment I’m doing the HOME – A 30-day Yoga Journey.



2. Kassandra Reinhardt

KassandraThe best Yin Yoga Teacher in the world (on- and offline)!

In this form of yoga the postures are mainly aimed at strengthening and loosening connective tissue and joints; they stretch deeper muscles and loosen the pelvic area.

Kassandra is a great example to me, because her own search for reducing stress and anxiety has led to her greatest passion. She lives in Ottawa and began teaching yoga in 2013. She also is the author of “Yin Yoga: Stretch The Mindful Way”.

If you like working on a frequent base with her, you should visit her website ‘Yoga With Kassandra‘ or download the app for Android or for Apple. There’s a 7-day free trial possible. A monthly subscription will give you access to more than 250 videos and will only cost you $12.99.



3. Candace Cabrera Moore

YBCAnother dog-loving yoga teacher! Candace is the owner of the Namaslay studios and the founder of YogaByCandace (YBC). Her Siberian Husky is a well-known guest at the studios.

She has a very impressive website which contains a blog, recipes for food and smoothies, 30 day yoga programs, podcasts and a shop where you can purchase lovely yoga clothes and materials.

I love the fact that she has a wide background in yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Trauma-informed Yoga), meditation and anatomy.


On her website you can learn more about the correct technical execution of the postures. Her 30-day programs are well-thought-out and there is something suitable for everyone!

Personally, my favorite is the 31-day Yoga program to de-stress.



4. Sarah Beth

SarahBethYogaOne more female yoga teacher who reaches her audience online!

Sarah Beth, a Colorado based yogi, has more than 700 000 followers on YouTube.

She is a certified Vinyasa teacher. Yay! My kind of style 😉

Sarah Beth has a pleasant deep, warm voice that soothes you. She gives clear step-by-step instructions, making it easy for everyone to execute.

There are many yoga videos you can watch for free on YouTube. If you like to use apps for your practice, I have some great news for you!

For $20.67 per month you can become a member of the SarahBethYoga-community and gain access to more than 400 videos and different yoga calendars. Both Android and Apple users can indulge themselves!




5. Tim Senesi

YogaTimTo break through the prejudice that yoga is only meant for women, I am convinced this male yoga teacher really can’t be left out!

Yoga came to Tim’s path by looking for a way to feel better about himself and develop a more positive self-image.

He has an Iyengar foundation (alignment is at the basis of this yoga style), and mixes this to create his own, unique style of Vinyasa Flow.


I like that his exercises are different from others I did. He explains the postures well and offers a great variety on challenging yoga flows.

Tim must certainly not be inferior to his female colleagues. He has a great online conscious movement community and offers free challenges such as the 30 day challenge and currently the 7-day Stay Home – Quarantine Challenge.

Check out YouTube for more free lessons by him or subscribe to his mail list.




In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The big advantage is that you can choose when and where you practice yoga at home.

I find it helps to choose a fixed moment. For example, in the evening after you come home from work.

I put my yoga mat ready in our dressing room and have plenty of space to move around. This way I won’t get distracted by other housemates (i.e. my boyfriend or our two cats).

The only thing you need is a yoga mat or large towel. You don’t have to provide trendy yoga clothing, loose-fitting pants and a t-shirt will do the job.

Voila, no more excuse to move! Now it’s up to you.

Hop into something comfy and select your yoga teacher of choice.

Is yoga helping you to calm your monkey mind?
Which yoga teacher do you like best? Is there a yoga style you prefer?

I’d love to hear more about it! Feel free to leave a comment.

With love ❤,




  1. Hello Catherine,
    This is a very informative article. I have often thought about getting involved with yoga as part of a regular fitness regime. I have seen yoga implemented in some programs I have researched. This article gives me a lot of options to check out…very helpful.

  2. Hi, thanks this is a very useful guide at this time of lock-down. My sister is also giving online yoga classes. I have shared this site with her so she can check out the other teachers and maybe get some ideas how she can get more clients for her classes.
    Thanks again

  3. Hello,

    I thank you for writing How To Learn Yoga At Home The Best Online Yoga Teachers, so I only am interested in one of these products so which one would I choose? I am over 60 years old with arthritis, so all the yoga classes I have taken only increases my pain and fatigue.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your interest!

      Good question! Yin Yoga is a gentle form you can start with. It’s an accessible yoga form for beginners. Many people with physical complaints such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, arthritis and tensions in the body indicate that they find Yin Yoga a fine form of Yoga and that it is very helpful in relieving their complaints.

      Kassandra Reinhardt is a great Yin Yoga teacher. I would advice you to start with her yoga exercises!

      Kind regards,

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