Best Essential Oils For Emotional Healing – Relax With Fragrances

Imagine yourself walking through the forest… The moment you are standing in the middle of a lavender field, or even when you’re peeling an orange.

Do you already smell the pine trees, the fresh lavender or citrus scent? What do you notice about your state of mind and your feelings?

Fragrances have an enormous effect on our behavior and state of mind. The sense of smell is so close to the emotional brain regions, that breathing in essential oil is one of the most powerful ways in which oil works.




The Role Of Neuropeptides

Your brain converts thoughts and feelings into molecules. The moment a thought arises, your hypothalamus, the ‘control room’ in your brain, will convert this thought into hundreds of neuropeptides. These neuropeptides, your thoughts, become molecules that pass through your body.

Dr. Candice Pert, neuroscientist, pharmacologist and author of several books, has discovered with her research that these neuropeptides are transported through the blood and passed on from neuron to neuron. Each neuropeptide fits exactly on a specific receptor, like a key on a lock. The amino acids from each neuropeptide are then absorbed into your cell.

So your thoughts literally become part of the cells in your body, and these cells change depending on the nature of your thoughts!

Essential oil consists of substances that your body can convert into neuropeptides that contain positive information.

As a result, they are able to help you with emotional problems, such as depression, palpitations, stress and anxiety attacks. But also when you have too much in your head (those damn monkeys!) or feel sadness and anger, oil can support you.





What Is Aromatherapy?

We speak of Aromatherapy when we start to use the Biological Essential Oils (E.O.’s) from plants therapeutically to increase physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Aromatherapy offers various applications:

– to purify the air;

– to create a relaxed atmosphere;

– to help prevent or treat ailments;

– to relieve negative moods such as anger, sadness, insomnia ….

Aromatherapy is already widely used in the Japanese business world. Through the air conditioning they spread odors to make the mood on the work floor optimal.

In the morning citrus to wake up, in the afternoon a floral scent for concentration and against five a wood scent against fatigue. This activates the immune system and motivates body and mind.




You can also use aromatherapy at home. Besides bringing your emotions more into balance, it also works to bring the humidity in your home up to the right level.
Complaints such as a dry throat, headache, blocked nose, dry skin or red eyes or cold chills will be less when you buy an aroma diffuser. So the device works as a humidifier and an aroma diffuser in one. Add a dash of water and a few drops of essential oil.


The 3 Models Of Aromatherapy

Thanks to a perfectly pure oil and the right use, aromatherapy is a real benefit for both our physical and mental health.

The therapeutic treatment using essential oils follows three different models: the English, the French and the German model.

1. The English model

In the English aromatherapy model, a small part of essential oil is dissolved in a large part vegetable oil to massage the body with the aim of relaxation and stress reduction.

2. The French model

The French model of aromatherapy prescribes undiluted local application of therapeutic grade essential oils and/or the intake of pure essential oils.

For example, a few drops of essential oil added to agave syrup, honey, a little vegetable oil or on a piece of bread. Many French therapists have experienced that taking the oil leads to excellent results.

Do not experiment with taking essential oils yourself if you have no experience. Essential oil is very concentrated and has a strong effect on our body. Only take oil if you are 100% sure that you have very pure oil and preferably under the guidance of an expert doctor or aromatherapist.

3. The German model

The German model focuses on inhalation of essential oils.

Oil-DiffuserTo spray essential oils, we use a carrier. An aroma atomizer, a nebulizer, a wagon atomizer, a fragrance diffuser, there is a wide range! Before making your choice, always prefer a cold atomizer so that the properties of the essential oils are not disturbed.

Research has shown that the effect of fragrances on sense of smell can have an enormous influence on our brains.

Especially on the hypothalamus (the control center for the release of hormones in our body) and the limbic system (the regulator of our emotions).

Some essential oils that have a high number of sesquiterpenes, such as myrrhe, sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver and melissa can greatly increase oxygen levels and activity in the brain. This can directly improve many functions in the body.




Applications For Emotional Well-Being

In some cases, the inhalation of essential oils (= the German model ) may be preferable to local application. E.g. if the aim is to stimulate the growth of hormone release, promote weight loss or to balance mood and emotions.

All emotions have an effect on body and mind – both the pleasant ones and the less pleasant ones, and both the emotions you feel and those you suppress.

Emotions that are not expressed work like ticking time bombs: they are the sources of unease and illness. So in order to be healthy, it is important to be emotionally balanced.

Essential oils can help restore or maintain this emotional balance. They work – via the nervous system and the bloodstream – on the psyche, the organs and the entire body system, thus initiating a powerful healing process.

The fragrance molecules stimulate a new positive self-image and help to integrate it into the subconscious.




Which Essential Oils Are Used For Emotional Healing?

There are a lot of brands on the market and there is even a whole MLM business around it.
Always make sure you check the label of the essential oils you want to use.

BIO certified or not, the best essential oil is the one that is chemically defined, 100% pure and 100% natural!
I personally prefer the oils of Pranarom!

If you want to verify whether the oil of your preference is reliable, you should check here.

Anti-stress essential oils:

Fine lavender, lemon litsea, bitter orange, lemongrass, rhododendron, marjoram.
All the essential oils of organic citrus mentioned above are also indispensable to combat stress.

In case of anxiety and depression:

Cedar, rose, bergamot, (red) mandarin, neroli, orange, creamy chamomile, geranium and sandalwood.

In case of embarrassment and reduced libido:

Clary sage, jasmine, patchouli and ylang-ylang.

With concentration problems and mental fatigue:

Black pepper, lemon, basil, peppermint and rosemary.

For more rest and physical and mental relaxation:

Chamomile (blue and creamy), lavender, marjoram and neroli (orange blossom).




Precautions For Diffusing Essential Oils

– Never spray essential oils in the presence of children under 3 years of age.

– Always respect the precautions of the essential oils you vaporize.

– Do not diffuse essential oils in the presence of pets.

– Do not diffuse more than 20 min. continuously, maximum 3 times a day.

– Don’t place your nose or your eyes just above the diffuser.

– Do not let the diffuser work while you sleep, spray the oils in the bedroom 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

– Pay attention when diffusing in the presence of sensitive persons (asthma, allergy, epilepsy, elderly persons), make sure that the essential oils do not pose a risk to them when vaporized.


I hope you enjoy the use of essential oils as much as I do!

With love ❤,



  1. Hi Catherine,
    Great post. I’m a big fan of using aromatherapy especially essential oil which Lavender happens to be my favorite. I used them for the healing properties and also for the calming effects when I’m studying and sleeping.
    I liked the way you presented the info in an easy to understand manner. I will sure be visiting to educate myself more.


  2. Hi,

    I am big fan of aromatherapy and often use a big brand’s oils. My current favourite is citrusbliss, which is so uplifting.

    I will definitely look at buying the geranium. However I have use it in the past.

    I loved reading your post. – very simple yet attractive.

    Thank you


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