30 Day Drawing Challenge – Find Your Inner Creativity

As a child, did you enjoy dreaming away hours of drawing? That playfulness, carelessness and creativity is something we unfortunately often lose as adults. The daily stress and expectation of having to compete in the ‘rat race’ takes a lot of energy and makes us worry a lot more.

Drawing can be a very fine activity that helps calm your monkey mind. It gets us out of our heads.

In an earlier article I already told about the stress relieving benefits of coloring for adults. Did you know that drawing can also be very relaxing?

“Yeah, but I really can’t draw…” Don’t worry, start enjoying the process instead of focusing on the end result of your drawings. It’s essentially about creating a daily habit where you take time to focus your full attention on other things than your work, household and taking care of your family.

We’ll take you up on a 30 Day Drawing Challenge! Because we believe that anyone can draw 😉



How To Get Started

The intention is that you make a drawing every day for 30 days based on the word that is on the drawing challenge that day. You choose how you want to work out the assignment, everything is allowed, nothing is required!

For example, do you just want to draw a flower? Then feel free to draw a flower! If you want to make a sketch of a bouquet, that’s also possible.

You can simply start with some paper and a pencil or pencil, but you can also work with other materials such as ink, paint, crayons, markers, fine liners and so on.

This challenge starts on the 1st day of a new month. But feel free to start right now if it starts to tickle!
Did you miss a day? No problem! You can also begin the challenge a day later, or just skip it if you don’t like the subject.




List Of Topics

But what drawings do you have to make? We have put together a beautiful list of all kinds of subjects, so that you can go on a voyage of discovery to your drawing style by means of the many drawings!

They’re is one subject for everyday, during a period of 30 days:

1. A self-portrait

2. Your favorite fruit

3. Best Friend

4. A plant

5. Your favorite character from your favorite TV series

6. Something blue

7. Your favorite animal

8. A dream you’ve had

9. A scene from your favorite fairy tale

10. Why the ocean can be scary (or a sea monster you fear while swimming )

11. An alien

12. Your pet (past, present and/or dreamed future)

13. A season (autumn for example)

14. Something yellow

15. Your most recent holiday destination

16. A loved one

17. Yourself as a cartoon character

18. A mythical creature (e.g. a dragon, unicorn, sphinx etc.).

19. The skyline of a city

20. A scene from your favorite movie

21. A vehicle

22. A celebrity you’ll love

23. Something green

24. Your favorite bad guy

25. A tattoo you’d like

26. A family member (or all of them!)

27. Your favorite food and/or candy

28. A couple in love

29. A famous scene from history

30. You as a superhero because you have completed the 30 Days of Drawing Challenge!




A Few Tips

To get you started, I’d like to give you three tips.

First of all, you need to spend at least ten minutes every day on your drawing. Of course, you may take longer, but not shorter. Imagine a time when you are going to draw and stick to this as much as possible.
While it may not seem easy to draw every day, it may be just what you need to relax after a long day.
If you plan your drawing in advance, you can surprise yourself with what you will get made within a certain amount of time! You can also prepare a few things in advance so that you can get off to a faster start.

Not every drawing needs to be as extensive is the second tip. One will give you more time than the other day and that’s not a problem at all, as long as you draw every day.

And the last tip is that you just have to experiment. This can be done with styles, with products, with speeds and so on! It is best to think beforehand about what you are going to draw, what material you are going to use and which way you want to go with your drawing style.
For example, do you want to make a drawing for the word “favorite flower”? Then you can interpret that in different ways!
You can draw a nice doodle, write and decorate the word in full, or work out a detailed drawing. Do what feels right for you!



Have Fun And Enjoy Your Drawing

When I draw what I have in front of me, there is nothing else but what I draw, my pen and the paper.
All the worries disappear into the background. All the tension flows out of my body. All thoughts dissolve. There’s only ‘the drawing’.

Remember, it’s okay to miss a day of the challenge. Work at your own pace and don’t put pressure on it. Drawing is all about having fun and sometimes something doesn’t work out as well as usual. Then skip the day and start the day after with a fresh head.

You can always overtake the assignment, or just skip it. No worries!


Start Together With Me

I’m going to start with this 30 Day Drawing Challenge on the 1st of July. After I’ve done all 30 days, I’ll post a blog of the drawings I’ve made.

Are you curious as to what will turn up? Feel free to join me on this creative adventure and share your comments below.

Don’t wait too long and grab your pencils, markers, chalk or whatever and get going!

With love ❤,



  1. Tom

    Hi Catherine,

    I love this article. I have now found something fun and exciting that I can do with my niece who is 12 years old. She loves to draw and paint but I never had any ideas to do with her. But now we can do this 30 day challenge together just based on the word of the day, and then we can compare next to each other at the end of each day. Then when the 30 days is up, we can start again.

    Thank you for sharing such a great article and idea. Keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


  2. What a great challenge! I’m by no means an artist, but would be willing to do this. I think I’m going to get my 2 kids to join me – a 5 year old and 12 year old. Since we’re all stuck at home due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we might as well create some beautiful art. I may have to adjust the daily list of ideas for my little one though. Who knows what creativity will happen…wish us luck!

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thank you so much! I’ve found a list with different subjects, especially for toddlers and primary school children. Maybe you can try it out with your youngest child?

      1. A monster-virus
      2. Food with a moustache
      3. Your house/home
      4. A funny self-portrait
      5. Your favorite toy
      6. Your favorite animal
      7. A dream
      8. Something you love
      9. A landscape
      10. A family member with wings
      11. A treasure map
      12. A storm
      13. A city on another planet
      14. You’re an inventor: draw your latest invention
      15. The boat you like to sail around the world with
      16. An animal with a human face
      17. Your birthday wish-list
      18. A forest with wild animals
      19. The view from your window
      20. Yourself as a robot
      21. You’re a fashion designer: design new clothes
      22. An alien
      23. The world through the eyes of an ant
      24. Your sleeping room
      25. The inside of your body
      26. Your favorite food
      27. Your favorite cartoon hero
      28. Your favorite candy
      29. An ocean with animals
      30. Your future self

      Have lots of fun, Catherine.

  3. Jo

    Hi, I use to enjoy drawing and would happily spend hours doing it. Sadly ‘life’ gets in the way and it was one of my pleasures that got pushed to one side! Love the idea of the ‘challenge’ and will certainly do my best to find a little time each day to get back into something that gave me a lot of enjoyment. 🙂


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