21 Days Of Abundance By Deepak Chopra – Meditation Challenge

Three weeks ago I received a text message from a colleague. She asked if I was interested to join a group on Whatsapp to start with the 21 Days of Abundance, a meditation challenge created by Deepak Chopra.

It actually wasn’t the first time this challenge came across. A couple of weeks earlier I saw it flashing by on a friend’s Facebook. So, my curiosity had been aroused and I decided to participate and find out what this was all about!

Now, let me start by telling you a bit more about the creator of the meditation, Deepak Chopra.




Who Is Deepak Chopra?

Deepak Chopra (°1947, New Delhi) has written over fifty books, which have been translated into over thirty languages. Many have been on the bestseller lists of The New York Times. He is the greatest author in the field of phrasing and one of the most important teachers passing on Eastern wisdom to the Western world.

After first working as a physician, he has discovered the power of meditation and yoga. He founded several spiritual centers in America and lectures worldwide. He is the founder of the Chopra Centre. His reputation is not undisputed, but he has many followers.

In addition to authoring many books in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, he advises many influential managers, including former president Bill Clinton.

For this meditation challenge the following two books are interesting as a starting point:

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” & “Creating Affluence”:







Abundance Meditation Challenge

In this particular meditation challenge the aim is to clarify your beliefs and attract ‘abundance’ into your life, within a period of 21 days.

‘Abundance’ means having plenty or a large stream of whatever you choose: love, attention, time, joy, money, etc… It’s more about having a mindset where you can work with the Law of Attraction: believe that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on.

All members of the group receive a reflection assignment from the group host and must complete it at a certain time each day. This task can be reflective questions, making lists or drawing something.

Once the task is completed, you simply indicate to the group that you have completed the task. If you do not indicate that you have completed the task, the host will remove you from the group so that the energy continues to flow properly.

These tasks are accompanied by a short daily meditation, about 15 minutes each. The audio files have been voiced by Deepak himself. First he does a little introduction to the theme of that day. Then a gong announces a period of silence where you can focus on the mantra of that particular day. After the gong, you let go of the mantra a focus your attention into your body. To conclude, a positive thought is provided to repeat several times.

It is stated that by the end of the 21 days you should feel more equipped to tap into an infinite source of abundance with only your thoughts, so that you can live a more prosperous life.




21 Days In A Nutshell

You can find the meditations here on YouTube.

Day 1

Today I consider all the abundance that surrounds me.

Mantra: So hum (= I am)

Day 2

I create my personal abundance by making it an infinite source.

Mantra: Aham brahmasmi

(= The essence of my being is the definitive reality, the root and foundation of the universe, the source of all that exists).

Day 3

Today I concentrate on what I want to attract in my life.

Mantra: Sat chit ananda (= Existence, consciousness, bliss)

Day 4

From this moment on, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.

Mantra: Aham brahmasmi

Day 5

Today I embrace my potential to be, do and achieve everything I can dream of.

Mantra: Sat chit ananda

Day 6

Everything I desire is in me.

Mantra: Ram (= Ram is symbolic for daily life as an act of worship, together with bringing oneself closer to God)

Day 7

I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.

Mantra: Sat chit ananda

Day 8

By the law of pure potential, I can create anything, anytime, anywhere.

Mantra: Om bhavan namah (= I am an absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities)

Day 9

Today and every day I will give what I want.

Mantra: Om vardhanam namah (= I feed the universe and the universe feeds me)

Day 10

Today I will make excellent decisions because I will make them with full awareness.

Mantra: Om kriyam namah (= My actions are attuned to the cosmic law)

Day 11

I wait and accept the abundance that flows easily to me.

Mantra: Om daksham namah (= My actions achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort)

Day 12

I put my intentions in the vast ocean of all possibilities and I will make the universe work through me.

Mantra: Om ritam namah (= My actions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence)

Day 13

By letting go of the need to fix my life, the universe gives me abundance.

Mantra: Om anandham namah (= My actions are blissfully free of attachment to the results)

Day 14

There is a way I can fulfill my true purpose in life.

Mantra: Om vardunam namah (= My life is in harmony with the cosmic law)

Day 15

By living consciously in the present moment, I live the magic of synchrodestiny (= a state in which it is possible to fulfill all our desires spontaneously).

Mantra: Aham brahmasmi

Day 16

Today I will remember to be grateful.

Mantra: Om vardhanam namah

Day 17

I spend my days with serenity and without worrying that everything is okay.

Mantra: Sat chit ananda

Day 18

I celebrate my unity with life knowing that we are all one.

Mantra: Iat ivam aoi (= I see others in myself and myself in others)

Day 19

Today I will remember to love everything and everyone I have contact with.

Mantra: Sat chit ananda

Day 20

Today I’m giving myself luxury moments.

Mantra: Om ritam namah

Day 21

Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly.

Mantra: So hum





My Personal Experience

Yesterday I’ve ended the 21-day journey. Now that it’s over, it feels a little weird too…

I am grateful for the invitation and for the people in my group. It was nice to feel the connectedness and shared energy.

I’ve noticed that it brought me a lot. This challenge has certainly given me new insights, but above all it has taught me to take care of myself.

I felt more calm and at peace, my breathing was also better.

A couple of my personal reflections:

– “Everything is energy and is connected in the unified field”.

– “Everything is transient in life so nothing will last forever. The difficult moments will pass and the pleasant moments you may cherish”.

– The power of our thoughts and how we can use this in a positive way to attract goodness into our lives.

– The importance of taking a moment to quiet down and turn inwards and creating a daily habit with the small gift of taking time for myself.

Feel like getting started? Or perhaps you already did?

Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

With love ❤,



  1. Wow! what a practical guide to 21 day challenge to calm you monkey mind. I really like the activities to do on a daily basis in the book of 21 days of abundance by Deepak Chopa.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. Regina

    There is no doubt about the power of thoughts and their influence in our lives. Having a positive mindset toward oneself and others does wonders for bringing goodness and peace to the soul. May good things always come your way and thank you for sharing this article. 🙂

  3. Hi Cathrine,

    I really enjoyed reading your article and I am genuinely very interested in this challenge. I have practice meditation in the last 3 months and it changed my life for the better.
    I have a couple of questions for you: how do I get involved in this challenge and is there any price to pay?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Yoana,

      Thanks for your feedback!
      I think there are different ways to get involved: you can get an invitation through someone else to become part of a group, but you can also do it by yourself. A lot of people have put the content of the tasks on the internet, so a google search will do the job for you.
      The meditation files are available on Youtube (see the link I’ve posted in the article). You can also purchase the original mediation files through the Chopra Meditation Center. They charge $49.99 for that.

      Enjoy your challenge!


  4. Sasha

    Hey Catherine,

    I have a very good friend who has done this meditation challenge when she was grieving for the loss of her close relative. I remember she could not stop raving about how amazing the entire experience was for her and how great the after-effects were. I tried looking into it for myself but just could not commit to 21 days at that time due to a busy life.

    After Reading your personal experience here, I am inspired and motivated to take up this challenge now that I have a bit more time due to the pandemic situation. My only concern is that since this is an every day thing and as the saying famously goes, “it takes 21 days to turn anything into a habit”, what would you suggest we do after this challenge is over? Does this become a part of your daily life; was this the case for you?

    I would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Hi Sasha,

      So wonderful to hear you feel inspired and motivated to start with this challenge. You won’t regret it!

      I must say I’ve created the habit of meditation as first thing in the morning, right after I wake up.
      This way it really became something I can’t live without.
      Sometimes I use the audofiles of Deepak or other guided meditations from the Insight Timer app (If you’re not familiar with it, have a look at my post about it ;-)).

      Maybe this also could work for you? Another thing you can try is setting an alarm at a specific time to dedicate to your daily meditation.
      It requires a little effort at the start, but it will transform into that nice me-time that you’re really looking forward to.

      Wish you all the best!


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